Top Ten Contemporary Romance Books I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Read


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Today’s Topic ~ Top Ten Contemporary Romance Books I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Read

 I’ll always be a contemporary romance girl, first and foremost. They are my go-to books when I need something that will make me swoon. Here are ten that I STILL need read! What should I pick first?!


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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Contemporary Romance Books I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Read

  1. Gorgeous post Danielle. <3 I haven't read any of these books either ;p Though some of them do sound pretty awesome :D I'm not the biggest fan of contemporary, though I have loved a few from this genre. I hope you will get the chance to read all these books soon sweetie. <3

  2. Danielle you have some great contemporary books to look forward to! I loved Just One Day and Since You’ve Been Gone, so I definitely think you need to put them on top of your pile. I’ve also heard great things about Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, I need to get myself a copy asap! Happy reading! :)

  3. Just One Day and Since You’ve Been Gone are both my favorites! I really liked Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, as well.

    I have yet to read the others such as Just Listen (haven’t read any Dessen book yet), The Sky is Everywhere, Where the Stars Still Shine and Looking for Alibrandi.

  4. Do not under any circumstances let Siiri know you have read the Addicted series. SHE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

    Just Listen is the first YA book I read :) it’s what got me back into the whole ‘contemporary scene’. One of Dessen’s best, I think!

  5. So many loves for me here! I absolutely LOVED Addicted To You and Aristotle and Dante, they are both on my Top 10 reads of 2014. Since You’ve Been Gone was excellent as well, even though it’s a fairly big book I really enjoyed it.

  6. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite books. I reread it almost every year. It’s so good. The Sky Is Everywhere is a really good one too! I adored that book. The rest on your list I haven’t read yet either. Dying to read Since You’ve Been Gone. I’m surprised I haven’t read it yet. Hope you get around to reading these ones!

  7. Since You’ve Been Gone!! You’ve got to read this one! Where the Stars Shine was also amazing! I hope you’ll love it. The Sky Is Everwhere was also a really sweet story, but so damn sad. :(
    You’ve got to read all of these, Danielle!

  8. Addicted to You! Addicted to You! Addicted to You!! Man it’s literally the best series! You will absolutely fall in love with each and every character, do yourself a favor and read it. I swear you won’t regret it :)

  9. OOH! Do you own Where the Stars Still Shine? I believe I have it–I could send you it :) I liked The Sky is Everywhere…wasn’t super wild about Since You’ve Been Gone (but I’m out of the norm for that) and Just One Day….i liked it but i have some issues w/ it. But still you should get them off your TBR list. And I have the Dante book! I hear great things! One day we’ll crack it open

  10. Addicted to You, girl, what are you doing?! Read it! I LOVED Since You’ve Been Gone, too. So wonderful and amazing and with a swoony male lead that you’ll definitely fall in love with. :) The Sky is Everywhere is really good; hard to get into at first, but the MC goes through an incredible journey. <3 And everything else I haven't read yet but they are all on my to-read list, except for Looking for Alibrandi and Fixing Delilah. *looks them up*

  11. I highly recommend Just One Day, as it’s one of my all-time favorite books! I also think you should read Where the Stars Still Shine, Just Listen and Since You’ve Been Gone, all excellent contemporaries that deserve a spot on the favorites shelf ;)

  12. JUST LISTEN!!!!!!! It’s one of my all time favorite books in all of LYFEEE. They become friends first and its great then the romance comes and UGH SO AMAZING AND PERFECT AND I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE IT!!!!!!!! I love The Truth About Forever by Dessen too but *whispers* at gunpoint, I would choose Just Listen. I love the romance in it THAT MUCH.

    Also, THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE! Get the audiobook. Audio, audio, audio!! It’s AMAZE-BALLZZZ. It brings the book to life and just 1000% great.

    Fixing Delilah blew me away because I went into it with low expectations. Very underrated but a must read! I haven’t read Alibrandi either. I feel like I need to save Marchetta books for special moments, ya know?

  13. You haven’t read THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE yet? Drop everything and read it NOW. It’s AMAZING. Danielle! I can’t believe you haven’t read it!

    I’m calm, I promise. ;) But seriously, THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE is amazing, ARISTOTLE is worth the hype, JUST LISTEN is my favorite Sarah Dessen novel everrrrrr, WHERE THE STARS STILL SHINE is perfection, JUST ONE DAY is rather good (though JUST ONE YEAR is my favorite of the duo), and LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI is such a sweet, feel-good Marchetta read. Read them ALL. Now! ;)

  14. Okay so I’ve only read ONE book off this list. Yeeesh!! I’ll get on top of that. ANYWAY, though, I LOVED Since You’ve Been Gone. One of my faves from last year and I think you’d love it too!!! :) Frank Porter. Seriously. You’ll love!

  15. I loooove The Sky is Everywhere but you KNOW there’s a triangle of sorts, right?? Ok, just wanted to make sure, lol. Where the Stars Still Shine needs to be moved up your list, like, yesterday. Just Listen <3 And of course, Looking for Alibrandi was a 2014 fave of mine. Get on it!!

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