Poll: What Type of Reader are You? Spoilers Edition


I recently read a very good friend’s status update on Goodreads, and she didn’t seem to know who the love interest of the book was going to be (there are two possibilities). It got me thinking about spoilers, and how differently readers approach a book they are about to read. Most of you all know by now that I live for spoilers. I’ve privately tweeted many of you all about love triangles and certain plot points, and I’ve been known to go to a bookstore just so I can peek ahead at certain endings. I don’t purposefully look for the major twists, but I don’t necessarily mind if it means finding the answers to my questions. I am without a doubt a spoiler fiend. So, I want to know: what type of reader are you when it comes to spoiling yourself?


I am 99% of the time operating at a Level 4. Even if it’s a romance book and I *know* there will be a HEA, I can’t help myself. I have to read the last page. I’m such a dork. Then there’s that handy-dandy search feature on my Kindle that has aided me much in my search for spoilers!

Please vote for which level describes you best, and let me know what you chose in the comments! I’m interested to see which is the most common. :)

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45 thoughts on “Poll: What Type of Reader are You? Spoilers Edition

  1. I am actually the level 3 type. I read reviews and oftentimes, if it’s a book that I didn’t receive as an ARC, I want to know ahead if its contents are something I want to read and if it doesn’t have anything that would send me on a wild rampage.

  2. Great post Danielle, I’m definitely a Level 2 for books that I want to read. But I read reviews for books that I don’t know about or don’t know if I’m interested in. My bf is a Level 4, I don’t know how he does it lol!

  3. I voted for Level 1, but I’m kinda in between 1 and 2. I do read the summary of every book I add to make sure it sounds like a “me” book, but I don’t go back and re-read the summary before I read the book (and sometimes the books have been on my TBR for years). I won’t add a book unless it sounds interesting, so when I do go to read it I’ve forgotten the synopsis and it’s more of a surprise!

    When it comes to reviews for the book, I won’t go anywhere near a review if I’m reading or about to read the book for fear of a) spoilers or b) the review swaying my opinion. If I know I won’t read the book for a while, though, sometimes I’ll skim reviews.

    All in all, I avoid spoilers like the plague. I hate them. I don’t want to know, I want to discover those things for myself!

  4. Ok for me it completely depends on what I’m reading. I used to always be a 2, and actually think that it was a no-no to look at any spoilers. But then I learned that knowing something will lessen my anxiety levels before reading a story. Now I’m most often a 3. I don’t like to know everything, but I want to know there’s no love triangles and that I can expect some sort of HEA for my characters. However, I am known to go 4 occasionally – I think it’s your influence, girl. Also, this is a GREAT discussion.

  5. I’m a Level 1 meets Level 2. I usually read synopsis, but I never read reviews until I have read the book. I voted as a 1 thought since that one was closer.

  6. I used to be a hardcore Level 2 reader but nowadays I just want to go in blind. Like sometimes I know I want to read a book but don’t remember the blurb which also definitely helps. So Level 1 all the way for me!

    I’ve only ever been ruined for a small bit in The Knife of Never Letting Go and Steelheart and a character death in Allegiant and all of them were my mistakes because I just like to act like an idiot sometimes. Ha.

  7. I’m a Level 3 type. I cannot help it when I am worried there may be something like a love triangle – or I’ve been reading a series that I have become so invested in that I *need* to know if things will be alright when the final book is in my hands… If I’m not sure about a book, I also don’t read the beginning to see if I will like it, instead I turn to mid-3/4 or so of the book and begin reading. Sometimes I’m spoiled, sometimes not. Eh.

    I don’t get angry if people spoil books for me unless I specifically asked NOT to be spoiled. But I AM NOT one to spoil things for others.

  8. I’m between a Level 1 and a Level 2. It really depends on the book. I always read the back of the book, but when I’m curious about a book I always ignore reviews. Most of the times I skim through reviews though, but I nevereverever look for spoilers or peek ahead. I hate that.

  9. I’m definitely somewhere between a 1 & 2! I don’t have anything that really makes me say “oh I won’t read this” so I really love going in blind! Sometimes I will read the summary and sometimes I won’t. I will glance over reviews that I know won’t post spoilers if I’m unsure of a book just to get an idea if I truly would want to read it.

  10. I definitely think I’m at like 1.5 here, because I do prefer not to read synopsis or spoilers in general. HOWEVER, I will take the time to check out what my friends think of a book, even if it’s just to see their star rating and not necessarily read their review. It’s interesting how everyone has their own way of handling spoilers and the like, so I think this post was a really great idea!

  11. I think I’m pretty much a solid 2. I read reviews for books and don’t mind hearing some things about the book, as long as they’re not complete spoilers. For instance, I think knowing that there’s an interesting twist or having some hints about something intriguing about a book just makes me more excited about it (but I don’t want to know the details about what happens). On the other hand, I don’t actively seek out information right before I read a book – I often don’t even read the synopsis (though I’ve definitely read it at some point) – and I sometimes love being completely surprised (like with Kiss of Deception – I read that one blind, except for the synopsis, and I was blown away by the twist).

  12. Level 3 represent! But only because mostly I read books after having read reviews and I consider that totally AKIN to reading ahead. Also sometimes if I’m very concerned for characters I break my own heart and try and see if they feature say 50 pages into the future. HEARTBREAKING. I am a HEARTBREAKING SPOILER.

    This was great! I love polls. I don’t know why but I treat them a little like a contest and get competitive…


  13. I’d like to say I’m solidly a Level 2, but I totally cheated and read the recaptain post for These Broken Stars just this weekend. I’m about 2/3 of the way through it, and something happened to make me REALLY NERVOUS about how the story would end… I needed to know if I should finish, or if I should just get while the getting was good (just for the record, my fears were assuaged and I’ll be finishing the book this week).

  14. I actually used to be notorious for reading the last 3 chapters of a book. The best part was not knowing HOW the book ends, but WHAT IT TOOK to get there.

    But I am not as bad as I use to be – but I still consider myself a level 3. HOWEVER, if the book is a mystery then level one lol

  15. I’m definitely a 3. I sometimes really like spoilers. Surprises are great and I don’t usually like learning the major twists but there are just some books and some times where I actively seek spoilers. I either get too nervous or start thinking about all the different crazy possibilities. Both of these take me out of the story and seeing spoilers refocuses me. Plus I like knowing what’s going to happen because then I can read more critically and notice things like foreshadowing. It sometimes makes for a better reading experience for me.

    That being said I would never spoil anything for someone else. I know I’m in the minority when it comes to spoilers so I want to respect what everyone wants. Great discussion!

  16. Super interesting post! I think it’s interesting that I’m more of a 2 than a 1. For TV shows, I do not like any spoilers but I don’t mind knowing a bit of what’s going to happen before I read in a book. Maybe because I want to know what I’m getting invested in?

  17. I chose 4, but I’ve actually somewhere between 3 and 4. I NEVER mind knowing that these characters that I’ve come to love are okay at the end even before i know what happened in the middle. However, sometimes there comes a book that I don’t want spoiled. Harry Potter for example. But it’s rare. And I often peek at the last few pages to make sure things are okay. It’s a much more enjoyable and relaxing read for me that way.

  18. It actually depends on what type of book it is. Because I hate books that don’t have a happily ever after!! That’s why sometimes I do go looking for spoilers and I read reviews. But then there are the mystery/thriller books that I like to go into knowing nothing at all and won’t read absolutely nothing but the synopsis. So I will classify myself as Level 2 and 4 mostly :) Really interesting subject by the way.

  19. Oh what a fun post Danielle! I definitely find myself hovering between a 1 and 2, I do like to read summaries of books before I go into them, but I don’t normally skim friends reviews beforehand, unless I’m visiting a blog and it’s already there. I’m normally not fussed about HEA’s (I know!!), so don’t usually feel the need to skip ahead. I don’t mind other readers wanting to find out details though, I understand some can’t carry on with a particular book especially if something they detest crops up (love triangles), but I do hate it when readers don’t use spoiler tags on Goodreads, I remember going through my feed and someone discussing excitedly about a character who has a special appearance in a book I was looking forward to. I remember being extremely miffed about finding this out!

  20. I am totally a level 2 person. I need to read the synopsis or else I would have no idea what the book is about! Other than that, I try to avoid reading reviews so it doesn’t sway me one way or another. I like to make a judgment for myself. If I look ahead or accidentally read spoilers, it takes the fun out of the book for me, and I’d lose desire to read it, which sucks!

  21. I’m a level 2! I read the summary and then i usually check out GR to see what my friends thought just to get an idea. I’ll also read their reviews but I do NOT want spoilers. I can’t believe you read ahead or want to know haha. I know lots of people are like that though. But I like experiencing it! If I know for sure I won’t read it then I don’t care, I want all the spoilers :) example: insurgent and allegiant. I decided I just wasn’t going to read those two so just had a friend tell me what happened. But this is very rare!!

  22. Love this!! I said I was Level 2, which is where I guess I fit best, but I am a bit all over the place when it comes to spoilers. I rarely read synopses mostly out of laziness so I will often go into a book not really knowing what it is about, or just having ideas from what I picked up around the blogosphere (which at times have been wrong). But I won’t get angry if I come across a spoiler, and sometimes I will purposefully spoil myself, not to avoid a certain hot spot, but because I am incredibly impatient and I can’t read fast enough. So I would consider myself indifferent towards spoilers. But more often than not, I go in blind and end up being surprised. This is a really interesting topic!

  23. I think I’m in between type 2 and 3. I don’t like to be spoiled about things but at the same time I can’t help but want to know if certain things happen in the story. Most importantly, I like to know if there is romance in the book. I’m a huge sucker for it so I know I’m more likely to enjoy a book with a love story than one with just a hint of it.

  24. Great post! I never really thought about classifying readers based on their spoiler preference. In general, I classify myself as Level 2, but occasionally I am Level 1. I absolutely LOATHE spoilers (sorry!) because I want to experience the surprises for myself. Before I started book blogging, I never read reviews for fears of spoilers. Now I read reviews, but I am definitely wary for spoilers.

  25. I know Lauren is a Level 2 and hates to be spoiled, but I’m with you, Danielle. I just need to know that everything is going to be okay and a lot of the time, skipping ahead to the end means I have no idea what even happened but I just feel happy to see the characters’ names floating around in the last pages. With romance novels, the first thing I read is the epilogue because if I’m not charmed by their relationship during the HEA, then I don’t want to stick through the long haul of drama and misunderstandings to get there. So many times the end result just doesn’t justify all the pain of reading through a romance novel, so the HEA is always one I love to read. LOVE this post, by the way! I know so many readers hate to be spoiled and I love the sensation of not predicting a major plot point, like with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or any good thriller/mystery novel, but sometimes (like Ruin & Rising), a girl has just got to know that everyone who REALLY matters lives. Thanks for sharing, Danielle–I’m going to be using this ranking a lot in the future, I think! :)

  26. So I think I’m a Level 3 but I’ve done the Level 4 when I was completely stressed out in a story. It depends on the book. At the beginning of books, if I can’t figure out the love interest, I look at the X-Ray on my Kindle to see how much they are in the story. If I’m worried about a character, I’ll x-ray them too if I’m scared enough. I chat with friends who have read the book and like hearing things like “keep going! it gets better” or “I know. I felt the same way! Don’t lose faith”, etc. Vague spoilers. There was one book that I took to a Level 4 because the author left the character HANGING by a noose and went to tell the other part of the story. I could NOT handle that. I had to skip ahead, check on him, and come back. I don’t do suspense.

  27. HAHAH! What a fun post! And it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one out there that reads the end first! Now, I think I’d classify myself as Level 4, but I don’t ALWAYS do it. It just depends on the book to be honest. I find I do it more with series. I’m totally the girl who went to the store and read the end of Allegiant and City of Heavenly Fire.

  28. Hi! I’m somewhere between level 2 and level 3. It really depends on the genre and/or subject of the book. Sometimes I read about a book, put it on my to-read list, and forget it for a while. When I eventually get to it, I usually only remember I liked what it was about. I’ve found that for those books it’s best to stay away from spoilers of any kind.

  29. Amazing post Danielle. <3 And yesss. I am like you, a Level 4, lol :D I just NEED to know how every book I read ends. When I get pre-orders in the mail, I always peek at the ending, despite not reading the book yet :p I just need to know how it ends with the romance, lol :) I don't need to know big plot spoilers, just need to know if my couple is alive and together, hah. But I don't mind seeing other spoilers :) Though. If the romance isn't as I like it, there is a big chance I don't read the book at all :p Hmph. But I'm okay with that :) Anyway. Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 Love all the posts you post :)

  30. I am level 2 but ideally I would be level 1. I hate spoilers and if I accidentally see one whilst I’m reading then I get so annoyed! I have spoiled books for myself before now by accidentally glancing at the next page and even that makes me cross! I would love to go into every book blind but I LOVE REVIEWS and I do read the back of most my books just to check it will be a good fit.

  31. LEVEL 4 ALL THE WAY!!! I live on spoilers. I don’t breathe air, I breathe spoilers. SUCH A BAD HABIT that actually had me staple the last chapter of a book together once SO I DONT GO SPOIL MYSELF. I need help. Like a doctor and a support group. I’m kind of an impatient person & like to do things as quickly as possible so I think that’s why. What’s quicker than spoilers? ok gotta go find a doctor to help me out.

  32. Oh I hate spoilers with a passion!! I read the synopsis and I will read other people’s reviews on Amazon, but that’s it. Even when I am reading reviews on other book blogs, I try to skim the review because you never know when they will give away a major detail.

  33. I love this! I’m level 3 although I have ruined a few books for myself by skimming ahead to look at the last page. Alas. If I don’t want to read a book but have to for work reasons I definitely want to know exactly what I’m signing up for. I also like seeing spoilers for books in a series that I’ve decided to abandon instead of finish.

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